Saturday, December 29, 2012

Staples Mini Haul

Recently I found a great deal for stationery items in staples! 
There were so many good deal but I actually don't need to buy all of it.So I chose two items from the catalog  .
I bought-
*BIC Round-stic BP 8 pk Black Pen- $0.79
*Staples Mini Gel Pen 12 pk- $1.90

I actually bought the pen as most of the time I couldn't find any pen when needed! So grabbed some extra pen in case of emergency.And my wife love gel pens;so that's for her to write sweet colorful notes whenever she want.

 Here are the swatches of the gel pen.I probably like the blue and black pen.

Though I am not recommend these stuff for students,but if you are like me that barely need these item, definitely grab the deal.
Happy Holiday and Happy Happy New year!!!!!!!!

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