Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stella Artois Chalice Bzzcampaign

Hello everyone,
This is my first Bzzcampaign and I was really excited to get the "Stella Artois Chalice" beer glass, as it is the best way to serve the beer and enjoy the awesome test.

Fine Belgian beer tastes even better when you enjoy it from a gracefully curved 33cl Stella Artois Chalice. Two-pack finely crafted chalices make having a beer with your best friend (or that special someone) a truly memorable event.

They sent me a one glass of Stella artoise chalice, which is perfectly awesome to have some beerto drink.

You can buy the two set of Chalice glasses from their website which value is $14.99
I know,I suppose to drink beer with chalice,but right now I feel like try some whiskey!! Don't mind :D 

Okay,here are the pics with beer and me-

Did you get this campaign from bzzagent?
Have fun!!!

*got it free. I am A bzzagent.

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