Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Sunday Mini Haul AND Activities

I love to shop on Sunday as it's only the day I am free from work!!usually I love to shop online,cause it's save my time.and very easy,you can free to looking for the products/else at any time,no need to worry for time/schedule . But I do shop in store sometimes,specially on Sunday.
Here is my mini haul that I did on Sunday.Hope you guys like it.

So,here you can see , I went to CVS and bought these stuff.Listed below:
1.Lindor Candies; it was on sale 2 for $7.00
2.Nivea Men care set; for $10.00 and when I bought it I got the Nivea Men Shave Gel for FREE!!( by using a coupon)
3.Neutrogena Men care set ; for $10.00
4.Two Vitamin Water
5.Pringles in two flavors; 2 for $3.00
6.Bought two protein bar and got one Good n natural bar
7.I had the FREE coupon for another Good n natural bar
8.FREE Clear Shampoo by using a coupon
And later on I got extra $2.00  on my reward CVS card.
So these all my mini haul for Sunday.I'll review the Nivea and Neutrogena set on my next review post.

Finally,My Sandy Gas has finished  here I am loading more gases again!

Went to cut my Hair again.

Have a great day!!

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