Friday, August 16, 2013

Dollar Shave Club || Review ||

Have  you guys heard about -- +Dollar Shave Club  Subscription mail box? If not, then you are in a right place, buddy. 
Generally, It is a subscription mail service that every month you'll get your razor in a very low price!
There are 3 great blades to choose from - 
* The humble twin-  ($1.00 /mo +s.h.)  5 cartridges per month | 2 stainless steel blades | 

*The 4X- ($6.00/mo+s.h) 4 cartridges per month | 4 stainless  steel blades | 

*The Executive- ($9.00/mo+ s.h) 4cartridges per month | 6 stainless blades | 

I was sent to try out the The 4X Subscription which was included the handle too !!
Let me show you some photos--

The mail came in a brown envelope. ( Hiding my address) 

Inside the envelope, I got 4 cartridges to try out.

& also comes with a handle !!

What I Like- 
  • Very affordable !
  • High quality blades & handles
  • Comfortable to shave
  • Easy to use
  • wash well after use
  • fast shipping
What I dislike-

  • Nothing at all

Purchase- Yes! I'll try the other blades too !

Where to Subscribe- Dollar Shave Club 

Follow Them-  Facebook | Google+ | Twitter 

Have you tried this yet?? Let me know..
Stay happy !!

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