Monday, July 14, 2014

Castello Blue Cheese Campaign [Fail!]

Well you know I have been the member of Bzzagent for a while & I always loved their campaign.But it is quote disappointment when you can't find the products for the campaign  to review. 
Few days ago I have received one of the Bzzcampaign , which is "Castello Blue Cheese" Burger and i was happy to get the offer.But unfortunately I didn't find any closure store that sell the blue cheese!! 
Sorry Bzzagent! I tried tofind it many time but didn't get to find it. 
Anyway, this is what I have recieved for the campaign- 

  • One Free Coupon for Blue Cheese
  • One Spoon
  • Coupons 

So here is the thing- If I ever find it before the coupon expire, (somehow!) I'll update it about that. 

Thanks Bzzagent for the kit though! '

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