Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hendrick's Gin Review

Last Month of 2012 I have received another Bzzcampaign from +BzzAgent 
It was a busy day,Finally get time to review The Hendrick's Gin Campaign. 
I have never tried gin,so was very excited to try the Very Unusual Hendrick's Gin!

In my  Bzz kit they have sent me the $20 rebate of the purchase,some recipe booklet of Hendrick's Gin to Share with my friends.
a mini hammer(I guess) to mash/mix the cocktail, Bzzguide(ofcourse) and a book about history of Hendrick's Gin!

As New Year Eve was knocing my bell,I thought why not celebrating the day with Friends and enjoy the party while sipping my glass of Hendrick's Gin.
When I brought the Gin,my friends were so excited and really appreciate that as it is kind of pricey (thanks to +BzzAgent  for the rebate though!!)
I talk and write less, so here are all the photos from the New Year Eve celebrating the New year with family and frineds,

It was first time for me to try the Hendrick's Gin though,but I do like it too! I don't like with cucumber .So I add some cranberry juice with the Gin to gave a better test!
Thanks so much for the campaign to +BzzAgent 

Have a safe journey of your life.

Disclaimer-I got the campaign from  bzzagent

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