Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life Lately

Long time no seen my friends! In this few months I was traveling,busy with works and so on!! Can't get enough time to sit and communicate with you guys.Finally found time to write  something...
Last month we lost our baby (for genetic problem)and currently we are trying to cooperate with our regular life and prepare ourselves to get back to the healthy life.I am trying to quit smoking and my wife is preparing herself and detoxify for the next pregnancy. ...There are so much grief in our life that we are trying to forget and move on.
Let me show you some of the photo what I have been doing recently---
I generally do not cook at home.On my wife's request,she made me cook the "spicy asperagus with shrimp" probably she helped me!!Bingo!!

I have got this sample of redken shampoo few months ago and mmmm...I guess it was ok..Kind of pricey !

I was badly need to repair my car AC as the gas was almost empty.If you put AC from the store,they will take $80-$90 but If you do it yourself it will be fun and more cheaper than that. I ordered this Gas from eBay for only $43.00 and it was worth it! Got two can of it and comes with a pump (of course) &  free pen lighter! Watched some you tube video and fixed by myself...WALA!!! easy fizzy!!!

Drinking Cranberry juice for detoxify our body!!It can clean your blood and makes your heart healthy.

 Pink Roses from the garden!!

New Iphone !!!

Resting a while !

Bought lots of condoms from eBay!

Spending time with wifi at park....


HAve a wonderful weekend!!

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